Newsletter update December 2012

Teaching and Learning Update

We have enjoyed a lively parent’s forum meeting on the topic of home learning. It was fantastic to have such a committed group of parents expressing much valued opinions and contributions in the consultation process of the schools new home learning policy. Opinions of students are also currently being sought.
Our new marking policy is now in operation across the curriculum, parents/ carers should have noticed the change in the way that the teachers are providing feedback to the students. Our aim is to provide consistency across the curriculum and ensure that your child knows how to progress and make improvements in their work.

The DAZ group (our Teaching and Learning group of excellent teachers) collaboratively organised a training session, whereby they shared their good practise with all the teachers and learning support staff in our community. The focus was on the different ways of providing effective feedback to our students to enable them to make accelerated progress. Some DAZ members have also attended an Essex Teach Meet which saw some of the most inspirational and forward thinking teachers in the county meet and share ideas and innovative practise.

A whole school Literacy focus has been launched, high lighting the importance of written and verbal communication to the ultimate success of a child’s future. The accelerated reader programme for the year 7 is now in full operation and they are loving it. Some students are already on the way to becoming ‘millionaires’ , an acclaimed student who has read 1,000,000 words on the programme.

Watch out for the new Teaching and Learning Blog where you can find out out about all the on-going and new initiatives at Roding Valley High School.

Mrs S Jenner

Assistant Head teacher Teaching and Learning

Classroom Expectations

You are the final piece of the Learning Puzzle

Following our return from the half term holiday the focus was on ‘expectations’. We have been talking to the students about the expectations we have relating to behaviour, uniform, equipment and effort across all lessons. It is vital that students take responsibility for the manner in which they approach school and their learning. We have been talking about the need to be properly equipped for lessons, to ensure that all homework is completed and that students try their best in every lesson to ensure success, students need to understand that they are the final piece of the Learning puzzle.

Mrs Darabasz

Pastoral Team Manager

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