DAZ – Teaching and Learning Vision

Launch of DAZ Vision for Teaching and Learning at Roding Valley High School

This term has seen the launch of DAZ ‘Bringing the pieces together’
This is the fresh face of T&L at Roding Valley High School and provides the focus to achieve our constant aim and drive to make every classroom and learning space ‘OUTSTANDING’, each with an atmosphere that encourages independence, a thirst for knowledge and a lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

What is DAZ ?

Differentiation – match the content of every lesson to the individual needs of the students, ensure progress and challenge for all

Assessment – to ensure that all our students receive regular and effective feedback on their learning, so that they know what is expected and how they can improve

 Zest – Enjoyment! Interest ! Pace!


These are the ingredients, put them together in every lesson and the result is Outstanding T&L

Some DAZ initiatives this autumn term:

  • DAZ working party – a group of excellent teachers working collaboratively to share good practice across the curriculum, providing inset for other teachers and coaching
  • Coaching is now embedded in our teaching practise – providing a support network for our teaching staff to drive forward standards, building on teaching success
  • Launch of new marking policy – a consistent approach to providing students with their next steps learning
  • We are currently testing every student’s reading age and comprehension skills, we will use this data to target students where intervention may be necessary but also where additional challenge and enrichment is required
  • Faculties delivering T&L assemblies, to raise profile of subjects across the whole school, students and subject prefects encouraged to take an active part
  • Use of web cams for assessment in the classroom
  • DAZ posters on display in every classroom
  • Review of homework policy – updates to follow
  • Accelerated reader programme – see Literacy focus

DAZ will be an ongoing focus and commitment to all in the Roding Valley Community

S Jenner
September 2012
Assistant Headteacher Teaching and Learning

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1 Response to DAZ – Teaching and Learning Vision

  1. harveyfrench says:

    Such Zesty writing it makes me want to teach.

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