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Teach To The Top



Teaching and Learning

It has been a very positive start to the academic year. We have shared with staff that the main priority for the school this year is to further develop the quality of teaching and learning across the range of subjects. From a detailed analysis of student outcomes it is clear that our most able students need to be challenged more rigorously if they are to achieve the very highest grades.

With this in mind we have introduced the “Teach To The Top” mantra (TTTT) whereby every teacher in every lesson is focused on stretching the most able students and scaffolding the teaching so that all other students can access it. It has already been shown that this has had an impact on rates of progress and from student feedback it is clear that our most able students, as well as middle and lower ability students, have recognised a rise in the challenge of lessons. This has also been evident in the recent lesson observations that have been conducted by Senior Leaders and Heads of Faculty.

Kumers Naidoo

Teaching and Learning

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Urban Teacher Twilight CPD notes

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Stretch and Challenge Top Tips


Please see attached stretch and challenge top tips courtesy of our colleagues at © 2013.

K Naidoo

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NTEN Staff Presentations: Wave 1: November 2014_March 2015

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Focus Group : Outstanding Marking and Feedback : 14 April 2015

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